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SWW Marketing provides marketing support and business development services to organisations predominantly within Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Essex, with the team quickly expanding its customer base worldwide.

Its expertise lies within the manufacturing and construction industries, where they pride themselves on taking a practical approach to marketing to deliver quality results, with minimum hassle. The company aims to work in partnership with its clients, not just as an agency, but as part of the team

The situation

Oliver Smith, Co-founder of SWW Marketing was driven to look for a Microsoft 365 backup solution after an IT hardware and OneDrive incident left him having sleepless nights.

“I came across CloudCover 365 in a moment of crisis, to say the least” said Oliver, “and it all started when I had to upgrade the storage on one of our Apple Macs.

Historically we had always used OneDrive, so we assumed that our information was secure in Microsoft’s Cloud no matter what, but when it came to re-syncing and downloading our data on to the new storage there was an issue with file versioning and formats, so it just wouldn’t work.

“I couldn’t access any of our company information and as Microsoft don’t backup 365 data, they couldn’t do anything. I was on the phone to Microsoft for hours, getting nowhere and then the support just stopped.”

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SWW Marketing - CloudCover 365

“There was nobody to turn to. I was left panicking, feeling hopeless and wondering what I could do. It was an awful feeling. Thankfully, through our experimentation and perseverance we managed to restore our files but during the process we realised the importance of data protection.

Losing all our files would not only impact our customers, but it would also be detrimental to SWW Marketing itself, as the data included VAT returns, invoices and more.

This was a wakeup call for us, and we started to look for a solution that would protect and retrieve our data should anything similar happen again. We needed to know that our information was backed up and available.”

The response

“When we started looking for a Microsoft 365 backup solution, we struggled to find one that would suit our requirements,” explained Oliver.

“Many of the companies we spoke to wanted to take over the entire IT management for the business, or only wanted to work with us if we bought a certain number of licences.

After implementing CloudCover 365, we can protect all our Microsoft 365 data on a schedule that makes sense to us, and we know we’ve always got a copy available should anything go wrong.

It’s very user friendly, clear, and simple over other solutions we explored, and we are now encouraging our own customers to use it themselves in their businesses. We really believe in the solution.”

The result

Oliver continued “I can honestly say that for us, CloudCover 365 is a game changer. It’s not often you come across a service where you are pleasantly surprised every step of the way, even after signing up.

We’ve always felt valued and in control, the CloudCover 365 support team is excellent and have always quickly answered any questions we’ve had.
We were also concerned about where our data would be held, as we’ve heard horror stories about backup data stored overseas. The fact that the platform is based in the UK provides us with the peace of mind that we know where our data is and that we can access it quickly should we need to.

If anyone is looking at CloudCover 365 for Microsoft 365 backup, I’d tell them to just go for it. Don’t hesitate. The solution, the team, the value, the peace of mind is all brilliant.”

“CloudCover 365 has saved me from so many sleepless nights, and this is one of the many reasons why we are encouraging our customers and partners to sign up for the free trial and experience it for themselves.”

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