Microsoft may host your 365 data, but it’s your responsibility
to protect it.
Protect your Microsoft 365 data
with CloudCover 365.

CloudCover 365 backup: Veeam, Zadara and virtualDCS

Organisations today are utterly reliant on applications and information to complete their day to day functions, and Microsoft 365 is one of these core applications.Even though Microsoft hosts the infrastructure, it’s the responsibility of the organisation using the service to maintain a backup of business-critical data.

CloudCover 365 gives organisations the power to securely backup and recover Microsoft 365 data.

Quickly restore individual emails, files, sites and more through an online browser-based portal.

Avoid costly investments and access an easy to use, comprehensive solution on a pay-monthly basis.


Harnessing the power of Veeam 365 Backup technology, CloudCover 365 acts as an additional layer to the traditional Veeam 365 solution and offers an entirely web-driven, multi-tenant solution, making it much more efficient for IT managers and end-users to manage.

veeam 365 backup

Microsoft 365 Terms and Conditions

“Microsoft has to protect customer data, doesn’t it?”

No. Microsoft itself states:

We strongly advise you to make regular back-up copies of Your Content. Microsoft can’t be held responsible for Your Content or the material others upload, store or share using our Services.

This is one of the reasons we created our Microsoft Office 365 backup solution. We strive to provide a comprehensive service with a range of features to help the modern organisation reach its objectives and compliance challenges.

Unless you backup Microsoft 365 data, you’re using 365’s limited default policies.

Microsoft 365 default policies vs CloudCover 365

Protect the data that matters the most to your employees:

Exchange backup

Exchange backup

Exchange isn’t just email. Public folders, Calendars, Contacts, Teams messages and more are stored within Exchange folders and data loss could be more costly than expected.

OneDrive backup

OneDrive backup

Employees are using OneDrive for business to share files and folders internally more than ever. Quickly back up and protect all OneDrive files and items and ensure recoverability.

SharePoint backup

SharePoint backup

SharePoint data structures are intricate and ever- expanding, but CloudCover 365 protects site collections, lists, document libraries, permissions, content types, sub-sites, views and more.

Microsoft Teams backup

Teams backup

Teams data is complex and interlaces with other Microsoft services, storing data across different service folders, but CloudCover 365 ensures your Microsoft Teams data is completely protected.

Calendar backup

Calendar backup

Could your employees organise their day without a list of appointments? Protect and restore Calendars with ease, on an employee by employee basis and ensure ongoing productivity.

Public Folder backup

Public Folder backup

Designed for shared access, public folders are available to groups of employees for easy collaboration. Without a backup, data could be unrecoverable.

Over the last 18 months we’ve become increasingly dependent on Microsoft 365 and the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this further as lots of our teams and users started working remotely.

This meant having a first-rate backup system was more important than ever. We looked at various options and specifically focussed on Veeam based solutions, the gold standard for backup and disaster recovery systems.

After trialling CloudCover 365, we were in no doubt it was the right product for us. We particularly liked the straightforward setup and found the interface easy to use.

Jim Anstiss 
The Royal College of Physicians

ISO 27001 accredited and UK hosted

Select the data you want to protect.

View full backup job history, including what happened and when.

Manage Backup jobs online, 24 x 7, without calling a support team.

Why protect Microsoft 365 data?


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