COVID-19 and the importance of secure office 365 backup

How does COVID-19 affect Microsoft Office 365?

As organisations worldwide are re-evaluating how they’re working due to COVID-19 lockdown requirements, the cloud has never been more important.

Microsoft sevice scaling issues and outages

Microsoft Office 365 was already a core service to millions of organisations, but with compulsory remote working now in place, it has gone up another level and employees are using 365 more than ever before.

This is also in addition to the millions of other businesses that are now signing up for the first time.

This demand has left Microsoft struggling to scale-up resources, and it is now restricting and prioritising to ensure that core customers, such as the NHS have the facilities they need to continue running. 

This means that for the foreseeable future, there may be delays in accessing business data and if systems crash your information could be permanently deleted, with no guarantee of restoration. This is why Microsoft Office 365 backup is important.

Microsoft shared responsibility model and microsoft office 365 backup

Microsoft doesn’t take responsibility for lost data

As part of its shared responsibility model, Microsoft doesn’t guarantee the availability of data, even if the disruptions are caused by Microsoft itself.

In normal circumstances, Microsoft has very limited backup for users in place, with some data being deleted after 14 days as standard. Strained resources could mean even this safety net is removed.

With businesses already vulnerable due to lockdown restrictions and economical changes, losing key data could be detrimental.


Want to resell Microsoft Office 365 Backup?

Why CloudCover 365?

Backing up and restoring Microsoft Office 365 data is simple with CloudCover 365.

Through an online browser-based portal you can protect your vital Microsoft services including Email, OneDrive and SharePoint.

You can backup as many times as required, keep data for as long as you need to and restore individual files or entire folders as necessary.


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