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Backup Exchange online with CloudCover 365

It’s hard to imagine a life without email, especially in modern organisations today. Customer orders, enquiries, invoices and meeting notes are just a few of the items filtering through our inboxes every day.

Losing access to email alone would be detrimental to many businesses, but Exchange data doesn’t just include emails. Public folders, calendars, contacts, teams messages and more are also stored within Exchange folders.

Many organisations are unsure of their Exchange recovery gaps and assume that they are automatically protected by Microsoft. Unfortunately, this is not the case, but CloudCover 365 is your insurance policy against Microsoft Office 365 mailbox data loss. 

Exchange Backup Features

➤ Restore individual emails, or entire folders in minutes. Mail the data to someone, restore to its original location or download it locally.

➤ Utilise a granular search function, locate files by name and type across the Microsoft 3365 portfolio. 

➤ Enable end-users to manage their own backups through the portal 24 x 7 x 365 and reduce unnecessary support queries. 

➤ View comprehensive backup reports and never leave Exchange data unprotected. You’re in control.

➤ Select specific times to backup around your organisation and streamline your Disaster Recovery plan. 

➤ Create custom retention plans for individual items around your business needs to ensure data compliance.


Exchange online backup FAQ

Do I need to backup Exchange online?

To fully protect your Exchange online and Microsoft 365 data you need to have a backup solution in place. When you backup Exchange online, it is your insurance against unforeseen circumstances including accidental deletion, internal and external threats. Without an Exchange online backup, your data could be unrecoverable.

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