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New, in our latest update, your organisation can now take advantage of purpose-built backup and recovery for Microsoft Teams, making it easier than ever for users to quickly find and restore Teams data, including entire Teams, or specific channels and settings.

Microsoft Teams doesn’t store information in a dedicated Teams folder, as many would expect it to. As the software interlaces with other Microsoft services, it stores data across many different service folders. Where exactly depends on what feature is being used. 

Microsoft Teams data storage

All Chat messages sent through Teams (both team channels and direct messages) are collected within Exchange folders. On the other hand, every single team and channel an organisation creates is stored within SharePoint folders as an independent site. 

When you send a file to a colleague directly, the file is stored in a “Microsoft Teams Chat Files” section in the user’s personal OneDrive. However, if you send a file within a channel to multiple colleagues, it can be found within the SharePoint document library so that everyone within the channel can see.

With this in mind, there’s no wonder that data can be left behind when taking a Microsoft Teams backup. Using the ‘complete backup’ function within CloudCover 365 ensures your Microsoft Teams data is completely protected.

Microsoft Teams backup and Recovery

Microsoft Teams backup features

With CloudCover 365, you can:

➤ Restore an individual Microsoft Teams file, or an entire folder using the CloudCover 365 portal.

➤Enable your employees to access and restore their information.

➤ Utilise unlimited repositories and keep sensitive data archived with no Microsoft purge time limits. 

➤Restore files or folders to a local zip file, its original location or by emailing it to an individual employee.

➤Access granular search functions enabling users to search for file names and types.


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