Updates and features

Tuesday 21st May

➤ Restore logs now available as an HTML report.
➤ Operational and Cosmetic changes.
➤ Effective date, in line with the subscriber agreement, is now visible in the account overview.

Friday 3rd May

➤ Restore search improvements.
➤ Bug fixes for Azure Beta testing.
➤ Interface improvements for the main admin page.
➤ User sign-in identity block added.
➤ Job Detail type filtering.

Wednesday 24th April

➤ Download feature for job details.
➤ Remove download files feature.
➤ Background change for CloudCover Guardian backup for Azure Beta testing.
➤ Performance improvements.

Friday 5th April

➤ Cosmetic changes.
➤ Bug Fixes.

Friday 8th March

• Performance improvements.
• Enhanced account overview details, including data location sites.
• New partner interface.
CloudCover Guardian for Azure AD (BETA for partners only).

Friday 2nd February

➤Pen testing and security fixes
➤Restore to original location improvements
➤Restoration subsite enhancements
➤Platform updates

Friday 24th November

➤ New ‘Reports’ menu option to access Licences Users, Protection Report and Restore Log.
➤ New ‘Downloads’ menu option – target for Licences Users and Protection Report.

Friday 3rd November

➤ Additional restore logs added

Friday 6th October

➤ Admin access for reseller’s org based on Reseller Role “Reseller365BackupAdmin” in ADO group.

September 2023

Friday 22nd September

➤ Worker Account total displayed
➤ Additional tooltips have been added
➤ Create a repository and restore page fixes

Friday 25th August

➤ Re-sync option in job wizard.
➤ Restore search fields containing dates now have date picker option.
➤ Background changes for repositories.
➤ UI cosmetic changes.

Friday 11th August

➤ Restore to the original location is now disabled for End users as they don’t have MS permission.
➤ Cosmetic UI changes
➤ Worker Accounts in use total added to the Admin overview page.
➤ Fixed time-out issues for Protection reports and Restoring GBs of files.

Friday 14th July

➤Cosmetic UI changes
➤ Performance improvements

Friday 16th June

➤ Performance updates.
➤ Partner Security update.

Friday 12th May

➤ New ‘Show restore points’ option to allow easy selection of dates and items backed up.
➤ Show the oldest restore date fix.
➤ Account info menu option fix added for viewing invoices.
➤ Improvements to restore item search.

Friday 24th March 

➤Job Management user interface changes – implemented improved navigation.
➤The ability to create ‘recommended’ Mandatory Repositories from Job Management for simplification.
➤ Encrypt repository data enabled, user can select to disable per repository.

Friday 10th March

➤ Minor bug fixes

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