Updates and features

Friday 24th November

➤ New ‘Reports’ menu option to access Licences Users, Protection Report and Restore Log.
➤ New ‘Downloads’ menu option – target for Licences Users and Protection Report.

Friday 3rd November

➤ Additional restore logs added

Friday 6th October

➤ Admin access for reseller’s org based on Reseller Role “Reseller365BackupAdmin” in ADO group.

September 2023

Friday 22nd September

➤ Worker Account total displayed
➤ Additional tooltips have been added
➤ Create a repository and restore page fixes

Friday 25th August

➤ Re-sync option in job wizard.
➤ Restore search fields containing dates now have date picker option.
➤ Background changes for repositories.
➤ UI cosmetic changes.

Friday 11th August

➤ Restore to the original location is now disabled for End users as they don’t have MS permission.
➤ Cosmetic UI changes
➤ Worker Accounts in use total added to the Admin overview page.
➤ Fixed time-out issues for Protection reports and Restoring GBs of files.

Friday 14th July

➤Cosmetic UI changes
➤ Performance improvements

Friday 16th June

➤ Performance updates.
➤ Partner Security update.

Friday 12th May

➤ New ‘Show restore points’ option to allow easy selection of dates and items backed up.
➤ Show the oldest restore date fix.
➤ Account info menu option fix added for viewing invoices.
➤ Improvements to restore item search.

Friday 24th March 

➤Job Management user interface changes – implemented improved navigation.
➤The ability to create ‘recommended’ Mandatory Repositories from Job Management for simplification.
➤ Encrypt repository data enabled, user can select to disable per repository.

Friday 10th March

➤ Minor bug fixes

Monday 27th February

➤ Security and privacy updates
➤ Job detail view improvements
➤ Addition of Teams chat backup flag in settings
➤ Minor interface updates

Development and feature road map

We’re committed to helping you take control of your Microsoft 365 data, which is why our developers are continually expanding the functionality and self-service features available within CloudCover 365. 

As we aim to be transparent about our progress and you can download a full development roadmap below. However, if you have a specific enquiry or feature request, please feel free to contact the development team.

cloudcover 365 development roadmap

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