About CloudCover 365 and Microsoft 365 backup

CloudCover 365 gives organisations the power to
securely backup Microsoft 365.

You’ve always had to back up Microsoft 365 data in the past – nothing’s changed, you’ve always had to, but many don’t realise. 

CloudCover 365 was created to alleviate Microsoft 365 backup gaps and put you in control of your Microsoft 365 data. With CloudCover 365 you can:

➤ Protect Microsoft 365 data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps.

➤ Protect backups with your own encryption key and stop data changes with immutability.

➤ Avoid costly investments and access an easy to use, comprehensive solution on a pay-monthly basis.

➤ Quickly restore individual emails, files, sites and more through our browser-based portal.

➤ Manage users from one easy interface and with the option to enable end-user self-service for restores.


The winning team: Veeam, virtualDCS and Zadara technologies.

Technology from three award-winning data management leaders has combined to create one trusted Microsoft 365 backup solution. Before CloudCover 365, organisations would have had to invest heavily into a trio of solutions, but now, working together, organisations can take advantage of a comprehensive Microsoft 365 backup solution like no other – on a pay-as-you-grow basis.

When founded in 2006, Veeam quickly became a leader in backup with the fastest and most reliable data recovery in virtual environments.

They make sure data is always available, protected and actively working for businesses across the globe and have continued to charge forward the industry and deliver simple, flexible and reliable solutions to 375,000+ customers.

In 2011 a team of storage industry veterans recognised a problem. Companies were taking too much risk 
with their enterprise data storage systems: technical risk, operational risk, and (of course) financial risk.
We set out to change that, and Zadara was born. With the introduction of the world’s first enterprise storage -as-a-service offering, we’re on a mission to provide ‘zero-risk’ enterprise data storage and management.

Founded in 2008, virtualDCS remains one of the UK’s most established, innovative cloud computing companies and the authors of CloudCover 365 – the world’s only Veeam self-service Microsoft 365 portal.
Working in partnership with Veeam for over 10 years, virtualDCS is proud to be a Veeam Gold Partner and the glue that binds the CloudCover 365 solution together, through its innovative console. CloudCover 365 is entirely hosted and managed by virtualDCS in the UK.
hosted and managed by virtualDCS in the UK.

Veeam - protect Microsoft Office 365 data.
BSI - protect Microsoft Office 365 data.
G-cloud - protect Microsoft Office 365 data.

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