About CloudCover 365 and Microsoft 365 backup

CloudCover 365 gives organisations the power to
securely backup Microsoft 365.

You’ve always had to back up Microsoft 365 data in the past – nothing’s changed, you’ve always had to, but many don’t realise. 

CloudCover 365 was created to alleviate Microsoft 365 backup gaps and put you in control of your Microsoft 365 data. With CloudCover 365 you can:

➤ Protect Microsoft 365 data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps.

➤ Protect backups with your own encryption key and stop data changes with immutability.

➤ Avoid costly investments and access an easy to use, comprehensive solution on a pay-monthly basis.

➤ Quickly restore individual emails, files, sites and more through our browser-based portal.

➤ Manage users from one easy interface and with the option to enable end-user self-service for restores.

BSI - protect Microsoft Office 365 data.
G-cloud - protect Microsoft Office 365 data.

Why backup Microsoft 365?